Interactive methods, adjusted to specific communication needs

Flexible program: Both the frequency of the sessions and the program will be adapted to your availability (evening, weekend and morning classes); Tell us your schedule and your specific needs, and we’ll help you:

  • learn Romanian if you don’t know;
  • learn the language of your occupation (economic- business Romanian, etc.).

In both cases, our courses will improve communication with your Romanian colleagues and underlings. In case you haven’t got time to waste:

  • you gather relevant knowledge fast and in a pleasant way (“Communicative Approach”);
  • you learn in a small group (max. 6-8 students);
  • one–to-one courses.

In case you haven’t got money to waste, then invest them smartly in your future:

  • specific applications for your profession, company, interests;
  • experienced teachers committed to give full attention to each student;
  • study materials provided by Global English and included in the cost.

What problems have we solved working with companies and adults?

  • helped foreign business people integrate better in the Romanian environment;
  • helped foreign students with their studies;
  • helped foreign students better understand the cultural differences between their home country and Romania;
  • helped foreign personnel adapt to new work situations and to various challenges outside work.

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