English Tea – English Conversation Course

To whom it is addressed:
  • to the people who have few opportunities to communicate in English;
  • to the people who wish to build their trust in communicating in English;
  • to the people who have at least the intermediate level of knowledge (B1.1);
  • to the people who wish to maintain or improve their fluency;
  • to the people who wish to develop their English vocabulary on various topics.

Conversations made exclusively in English help to improve the speaking and contribute to being more fluent in the language.

The subjects talked about are part of the participants’ field of activity and their social environment:
  • daily life;
  • art, culture, hobby.

Would you like to update your knowledge, to refresh your vocabulary and to obtain flexibility in communication? We are waiting for you at our conversation course! No. of participants: 4 – 6 students/ group

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